A Tribute

I’m writing this in English as I know the friend I lost could not speak Welsh. He’s passed on now, at a far too young of an age and I write this to honour him.

Jim was a firefighter in Baltimore, Maryland, USA and a true hero. He spent months in hospital after nearly dying fighting a fire and he was decorated for his efforts in the rescue of children from a burning building.

I guess, as is so often the case in our modern age, I never met Jim in person. We became friends over the Internet and he saw me through one of the most difficult times of my life. He helped me to keep my head up and keep moving forward. He could and did always make me laugh, cheer me up if I was sad or just encourage me when I’d lost hope.

Although we never had a chance to meet, we spoke on the phone many times and I will miss him greatly.

My deepest sympathies are with his family.

Gadael Ymateb

Rhowch eich manylion isod neu cliciwch ar eicon i fewngofnodi:

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